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5 Ways to Be A More Positive Person


With the U.S approaching one year mark in March since we had to go on lockdown due to COVID-19, many Americans have lost their jobs, some continue to work from home and lots of parents have had to add teacher to their resume to help their kids with virtual school. We are all trying to stay positive during these trying times as best as we can but let’s be real, we all have failed a time a two. Being a positive person may come easy to some but with others life stressors can take a toll on them being able to focus on the positives in their lives. If you want to become a happier person here are five ways you can be a more positive person:

Practice Gratitude

According to Harvard Medical School, gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. In the process, people usually recognize that the source of that goodness lies at least partially outside themselves. As a result, gratitude also helps people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals — whether to other people, nature, or a higher power.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

It is important that your inner circle consists of positive people that you look up to. When you spend time with them you are exposed to their positive traits and they will positively rub off on you. You will get to see how they handle life’s challenges, their uplifting personalities and how they go about achieving success.

Stop The Negative Self- Talk

According to Psychology Today, to overcome toxic self-criticism, pay close attention to your thoughts to detect negativity when it arises, and then either try to distract yourself or challenge the self-criticism by considering whether it’s even true—because often it isn’t. Then replace exaggeratedly negative thoughts with more realistic statements that move you toward self-acceptance and confidence.

Do Something Nice For Someone

John Bunyan, author of The Pilgrim’s Progress, wrote that “you have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” But research shows that when we do things for others, we do get repaid. Not just through reciprocation, but as a result of the psychological benefits acts of benevolence produce in the giver. Whether it is to give some time or money to charity, or do something thoughtful for a family or a friend, doing some good will always make you feel better, and help reassure you that everything is going to be all right (Frances Bridges, 2019).

Celebrate Everything

Its important to not only celebrate the big milestones but also your small daily accomplishments. Did you complete your to do list? Did you work out? Did you try that new recipe? Did you read a book? Did you do something nice for yourself? Did you do the laundry today? Did you make it through all of your zoom meetings today? Did you wake the kids up on time for school?

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