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10 Ways To De-stress During COVID- 19

Updated: May 25, 2020

10 Ways To De-stress During COVID- 19

As we become more accustomed to wearing face mask, gloves and practicing social distancing it is undeniable that COVID -19 has caused everyone’s life to suddenly shift. The family’s routines now consist of parents ensuring that the kids are completing their E-Learnings and other school work, finding creative ways to keep the kids entertained and occupied all while having to work from home. The juggling of being a parent, teacher, mediator, wife, husband, chef and employee can cause any sane person to experience anxiety an undue stress.

Here are 10 quick easy ways you can De-stress during these times:

1. Connect with others

2. Take a few deep breaths

3. Read a chapter in a book

4. Stretch your Body

5. Mediate

6. Try doing a fun activity around the house

7. Get Crafty

8. Eat a well-Balanced diet

9. Exercise

10. Listen to your favorite song

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